Week 10

Monterey CA week 10

Before returning to Texas, reliable Partington Canyon delivered again - 23 species in just a short 1/4 mi. of dirt road and trail.  Ken Wilson joined me for this warm, sunny romp along the rugged Big Sur coast just south of Carmel, and when he mentioned this was his high daily count for the year in CA, I realized the same was true for me.  

My "new species" count is lagging, so off to Texas where hopefully spring has finally arrived.  If not, the Gulf Coast and Florida beckon, perhaps earlier than planned.  Many “snowbirds” in my RV campground, including some butterfly-hunting friends, are migrating north this week, and I’m itchin' to explore new places.

New Species:  Silvery Blue Glaucopsyche lygdamus, Variable Checkerspot Euphydryas chalcedona

New Species:  2     Total trip species:  101     Species Photographed:  88

Highlight Species: Brown Elfin

Elfins are slow-flying, brown-patterned mostly tail-less hairstreaks that fly early in the year.  This Brown Elfin, a chaparral-lover, was photographed near Mt. Madonna, CA

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