Alaska/California Week 25


What can I say?  The weather continued to be great and the Steese Highway filled in missing target species like Labrador Sulphur and offered more opportunities to photograph Eversmann’s Parnassian (see below).  Finding butterflies near Fairbanks was a greater challenge as flights may have peaked weeks ago following a very warm May.  Cranberry blues were common, but only one very worn Common Alpine . . . on the last hour of the last day!


Finally!  Back on the road in my comfortable camper Chalcedona, and hopefully no more flights or motels for many months.  Stretching ahead of me is a summer route across the northwest, a quick sprint through the midwest to the northeast, and back to Arizona for the monsoon butterflies of August.  My trek began over Donner Pass for Pacific Fritillary, Hoffman’s Checkerspot, and the dazzling Lustrous Copper (photo below).

New Species:  Northern Marble Euchloe creusa, Canadian Sulphur Colias canadensis, Labrador Sulphur Colias nastes, Lustrous Copper Lycaena cupreus, Purplish Copper Lycaena helloides, Western Pine Elfin Callophrys eryphon, Northern Blue Plebejus idas, Greenish Blue Plebejus saepiolus, Cranberry Blue Plebejus optilete, Square-spotted Blue Euphilotes battoides, Bog Fritillary Boloria eunomia, Silver-bordered Fritillary Boloria selene, Pacific Fritillary Boloria epithore, Hoffmann's Checkerspot Chlosyne hoffmanni, Green Comma Polygonia faunus, Milbert's Tortoiseshell Aglais milberti,Reddish Alpine Erebia lafontainei, Common Alpine Erebia epipsodea, Early Arctic Oeneis philipi, Sonoran Skipper Polites sonora

New Species:  20    Total trip species:  349  Species Photographed:  336


White Admiral, Steese Highway, near Fairbanks, AK

Erebia kozhantshikovi* lafontainei 

Reddish alpine, Dalton highway, Alaska


Eversmann’s parnassian, female, Steese Highway, Eagle summit

Parnassius eversmanni

Eversmann’s parnassian, male, Steese Highway, Eagle summit


Lustrous Copper, Donner Pass near Norden, Sierra Nevada

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