Arizona Week 21

Memorial Day weekend was a welcome family break from my butterfly obsession, but by week’s end I had compiled a list of some 25 new species possible in n. Arizona, where the weather forecast didn’t include words like “cold,” tornadoes,” or “flooding.”

So off to the desert and canyons between Phoenix and the Mogollon Rim.  The first two days were slow, but with quality bugs like Gold-costa skipper and Ilavia hairstreak.  The 3rd day featured a hike up the Colonel Devin Trail to the top of the rim, beginning in the hills just north of Payson, AZ.   The day was mostly cloudy, with cold winds up on the rim.  The lower areas got some sun and, with clumps of flowers about, my list for the day soon reached 30 species.  Two special additions were Afranius duskywing and Viereck’s skipper.

New Species:  Ilavia Hairstreak Satyrium ilavia, Ares Metalmark Emesis ares, California Patch Chlosyne californica, Gold-costa Skipper Cogia caicus, Afranius Duskywing Erynnis afranius, Viereck's Skipper Atrytonopsis vierecki

New Species:  6    Total trip species:  279   Species Photographed:  268


Ilavia Hairstreak, on oak, Rackensack Canyon near Phoenix


Mourning cloak, Verde River, colonel Devin Trail


California patch, Cave Creek, Spur Cross Ranch

© Chris Tenney 2014