MO/IL/IN/MI Week 28

I put the brakes on the hectic pace of the past few weeks and pulled into Nixa, MO for four days of R&R with my brother Jeff and his wife Pam.  Butterflies were active on a few Ozark back roads, but Hayhurst’s Scallopwing was the only new species on our short daily walks.  High heat and humidity kept us indoors much of the time as I caught up on computer work and enjoyed Pam’s home cooking (yummy blueberry pancakes and berry pie!).  

Storms, flooding, and tornadoes chased me from Missouri to Michigan, with few butterfly opportunities due to road and trail closures.  One stop at a prairie preserve in northern IN advertised Regal fritillaries, and, sure enough, a 30 min. break in the weather sufficed to rouse a few of these lovely Speyeria gems aloft in the meadow; sadly, no photos.  

Lansing MI resident Jeff Pavlik has followed my blog and generously offered his time to guide me to a couple of nearby hot spots.  Jeff mentioned that a local lepster had counted 900 (! !) hairstreaks on butterfly bush in the Allegen WGA.  Hard to believe, but by noon that day I had sorted through close to 200, looking for rarities . . . a few Edward’s hairstreaks mingled with Banded and Coral.  Exiting this area, my first American Copper of the year perched along a gravel trail.  That afternoon at two smaller refuges we added Eyed Brown, Black Dash, and Mulberry Wing.  

Before parting, Jeff suggested a stop at Seney NWR in the upper peninsula of MI on my return route back to CA.  I have only 8 days to drive through MI, WI, MN, SD, WY, MT, and ID to a family get-together at Lake Tahoe.  Crazy.

New Species:  American Copper Lycaena phlaeas, Edwards’ Hairstreak Satyrium edwardsii, Regal Fritillary Speyeria idalia, Eyed Brown Satyrodes eurydice, Hayhurst's Scallopwing Staphylus hayhurstii, Mulberry Wing Poanes massasoit, Black Dash Euphyes conspicua

New Species:  7    Total trip species:  413   Species Photographed:  402

Poanes massasoit

Mulberry Wing skipper, Rose Lake Natural Area, Lansing, MI

Enodia anthedon

Northern Pearly-eye, Rose Lake Natural Area, Lansing, MI

Satyrium edwardsii

Edward’s hairstreak, Allegen Wildlife Game Area, Michigan

© Chris Tenney 2014